• MOBIS - Bulb

MOBIS - Bulb


Product Details

Hyundai MOBIS, headquartered in South Korea, is one of a leading automotive OEM part suppliers.  For lighting systems, Hyundai MOBIS produces cutting-edge lamps that can differentiate an automonile's apperance. It's lighting product includes halogen head Lamp, LED head lamp, HID head lamp, fog lamps, rear combination lamps, high mount stop lamps.

Part Number
1016 24V 25/10W BAY15d BULB
1034 12V 27/8W BAY15d BULB
67 R10 12V 10W BA15s BULB
T10 12V 5W W2.1X9.5d BULB
T5 12V 1.2W W2X4.6d BULB
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