• TCL - Brake Fluid DOT 4

TCL - Brake Fluid DOT 4

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TCL Brake Fluid is a high quality product which is a result of TCL's pursuit of safety. It is the result of consistent R&D by TCL in refining the glycol and glycol ethers to produce the brake fluid.  TCL brake fluid is a high performance brake fluid that exceeds US standard FMVSS and JIS K2233 and has a high boiling point with stable performance even under the harshest of operating conditions.

1.High performance brake fluids, by far surpassing the general standard.
 Any of TCL DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5 products is excellent with a high boiling point and less dropping down of a boiling point, by far surpassing the general standard.
2. TCL products can be safe in use due to the less effects upon rubbers.
 TCL brake fluids can prevent rubber degradation at high temperature and provide safety in driving.
3.TCL products may have less effects upon cylinders and prevent metal parts which are part and parcel of motor vehicles from rusting and guarantee comfort in driving.

Precaution for use:

The Product kind Brake Fluid
Brand name Brake Fluid DOT 4
Standards JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) / Passed Class 4
Based oil non-mineral oil
Dry / Wet boiling point 273 °C / 164 °C