• TPR - Valve Seat (8-94395-888-0, 8-97216-511-0, 11135-E0061, 11131-E0030, 34301-01600,..)

TPR - Valve Seat (8-94395-888-0, 8-97216-511-0, 11135-E0061, 11131-E0030, 34301-01600,..)


Product Details

TPR CO., LTD. , established in 1939, is one of the leading manufactures of engine components to supply automobiles manufactures, construction machinery manufactures, and aftermarket.  For automobile segment, TPR manufactures and sells components such as piston rings, cylinder liners, valve seats, metal gaskets and sintered products.  With a focus on advanced engineering, TPR products have earned outstanding reputation for high quality and reliability by customers across the world.

Valve seats

For materials used in production of sintered alloy valve seats, TPR breaks down particles using our proprietary special alloy powder. Featuring an excellent balance of heat resistance, wear-resistance, and compatibility with valves indispensable for valve seats, TPR provides sintered alloy products that are compatible with all engines, including diesel, gasoline, and gas for either two or four wheel vehicles.

Genuine Number Engine
11131-E0030 J05E/J08E VALVE SEAT IN
11135-E0061 J05E/J08E VALVE SEAT EX
32F01-03110 S6KA VALVE SEAT IN
32F01-03200 S6KA VALVE SEAT EX
34301-01500 S6KT VALVE SEAT IN
34301-01600 S6KT VALVE SEAT EX
34301-01800 S6K VALVE SEAT IN
8-94395-888-0 6HK1 VALVE SEAT IN
8-97216-511-0  6HK1 VALVE SEAT EX
ME-013188 4D34 VALVE SEAT EX
ME-013297 4D34 VALVE SEAT IN
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