• TCL - Coolant

TCL - Coolant


Product Details

TCL long life coolant is an antifreeze coolant that has passed class 2 of JIS K 2234 (Engine antifreeze coolants). It is a coolant that has long term freeze prevention properties of up to -50°C depending on coolant and water dilution rate. Long Term anti rust and ant corrosion properties can be used in the long term as it does not produce any solid precipitate and also does not cause swelling and softening of rubber.


Higher boiling point:

Glycol that has a boiling point of close to 200, with no evaporation in concentrate form and low evaporation rates when mixed with water.


Using a high-boiling materials as main components:

The main component of TCL long life coolant is ethylene glycol having a boiling point close to 200°C, so it almost never evaporate in the case of undiluted solution. In addition, because it has a boiling point of 100°C or higher, even when mixed with water, and rarely evaporates during use.


How to use:
•Discharge the old coolant in the cooling system completely, and flush the inside of it well.
•Inspect the cooling system inside, please repair if there is a point of leakage.
•Check the amount of cooling fluid and the lowest temperature of your area. Decide the dilution ratio with dilution rate table and calculate amount of undiluted solution. Pour in the correct amount of it, and pour in soft water (tap water) until 2 ~ 3 cm below radiator cap’s bottom.