• TCL Brake Fluid Advance Premium DOT 5.1

TCL Brake Fluid Advance Premium DOT 5.1

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TCL Brake Fluid is a high quality product which is a result of TCL's pursuit of safety. It is the result of consistent R&D by TCL in refining the glycol and glycol ethers to produce the brake fluid.  TCL brake fluid is a high performance brake fluid that exceeds US standard FMVSS and JIS K2233 and has a high boiling point with stable performance even under the harshest of operating conditions.



- Extremely high dry and wet boiling points, superior to DOT 4 and DOT 3 conventional fluids enables to use this product longer.
- TCL has a in-house distillation column that can closely control the quality of raw material.
- The extra low viscosity (768cSt at -40°C), allowing the fluid to easily circulate through today's increasingly complex anti-locking brake systems (ABS) control systems.
- It can cope with temperatures of -40°C or more, meaning brakes will perform to their best in all conditions.


Precaution for use

The Product kind Brake Fluid
Brand name TCL ADVANCE Premium DOT5.1
Based oil Glycol Ethers
Dry / Wet boiling point 273 °C / 188 °C