• ATLASBX SMF Battery (MF40B19FL,MF40B19L,MF55B24L,MF55B24LS,MF55B24R,MF55B24RS,MF55D23L,MF55D26L,MF55D26R,..)

ATLASBX SMF Battery (MF40B19FL,MF40B19L,MF55B24L,MF55B24LS,MF55B24R,MF55B24RS,MF55D23L,MF55D26L,MF55D26R,..)


Product Details

ATLASBX SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) Battery is the ideal choice for standard vehicles with usual power demands. It’s maintenance free and it provides reliable power support for all applications.  ATLASBX offers a complete range of SMF Batteries for all of European, Asian and American vehicles.

•Design for Japanese Vehicles 
•Maintenance Free Car Battery
•Reliable starting power with X-Frame Technology
•High Durability Plate Technology delivers longer service life
•A complete range offered for 99% of vehicles on the market

Part_number Size Capacity (20HR) CCA (SAE)
MF40B19FL 187x127x200x220 (mm) 35 330
MF40B19L 187x127x200x220 (mm) 35 330
MF55B24L 234x127x200x220 (mm) 45 430
MF55B24LS 234x127x200x220 (mm) 45 430
MF55B24R 234x127x200x220 (mm) 45 430
MF55B24RS 234x127x200x220 (mm) 45 430
MF55D23L 230x172x200x220 (mm) 60 550
MF55D26L 257x172x200x220 (mm) 60 550
MF55D26R 257x172x200x220 (mm) 60 550
MF75D23L 230x172x200x220 (mm) 65 580
MF80D26L 257x172x200x220 (mm) 70 600
MF80D26R 257x172x200x220 (mm) 70 600
MF95D31L 302x172x200x220 (mm) 80 670
MF95D31R 302x172x200x220 (mm) 80 670
… and more