• ATLASBX Heavy Duty MF BATTERY (MF135F51,MF160G51,MF210H52,MF245H52)

ATLASBX Heavy Duty MF BATTERY (MF135F51,MF160G51,MF210H52,MF245H52)


Product Details

ATLASBX Heavy Duty is the ideal choice for CVs and HGVs with usual power demands. It’s maintenance free and it provides the right power support, you can rely on.
•Design for Japanese Vehicles 
•Long service life in most common vehicle use conditions
•Increased starting power compared with standard batteries
•Perfectly meet water consumption requirements standard, that is absolutely maintenance free and long life span

Part_number Size Capacity (20HR) CCA (SAE)
MF135F51 506x182x210x233 (mm) 120 870
MF160G51 506x212x210x230 (mm) 150 1000
MF210H52 509x274x218x238 (mm) 200 1200
MF245H52 509x274x218x238 (mm) 220 1400